IOSH Leading Safely

We are an approved training provider for IOSH Leading Safely. Strong, effective leadership on health & safety has never been more important – both in terms of the very real benefits it can provide for organisations, employees and others, and in helping organisations prevent serious failures that can be extremely costly and damaging.

Who is the course for?

Aimed at those with leadership roles and responsibilities – directors, senior managers, heads of departments, business owners, trustees – IOSH Leading Safely helps delegates recognise the value of successful health & safety performance and how to get things right.

“Leading Safely gives anyone with leadership responsibility the practical knowledge and the strategic solutions for sustainable business advantage through good safety & health practice.” IOSH

What does it cover?

The course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn what health & safety leadership is about and to explore and develop their own leadership roles. Running alongside this, it also helps delegates to shape the health & safety vision and direction for their own organisations, and to identify practical steps and priority actions that they can be take. It also enables delegates to compare their approach with recognised good practice.

Version 2.0 of the course is now available. It was released at the start of 2017 and ensures that the course is flexible enough to be tailored to different types and sizes of companies and other organisations. It also caters for different levels of health & safety maturity. The approach is business focused and is relevant to a wider international audience.

“Leading Safely will sharpen your skill-set and make you a more effective leader. It will give your organisation the expertise it needs to succeed.” IOSH  

Why is it important?

In addition to good practice in health & safety, and the very real benefits that come from this, the course reflects increased expectations over recent years. In particular, it reflects the increased expectations that those with leadership responsibilities will also show leadership on health & safety – and discharge their legal duties accordingly.

The latest version of the HSE’s seminal publication HSG65 Managing for Health and Safety, for example, refers to leadership on health & safety over 60 times – the previous version had 13 references. Similarly, joint HSE / IoD guidance for boards and directors first issued when Corporate Manslaughter came into force in 2008, focuses on Leading health and safety at work.

“Led from the top and incorporated into management systems, better safety & health practice can be a genuine investment for your organisation.” IOSH 

How long is the course?

The course recognises that leaders are busy people, and has been designed to give maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. It’s usually run as an extended half day session of five hours at the client’s premises, tailored to the organization.

The course is also supported by an online IOSH Leaders App which gives delegates access to a safety leadership community, with news from IOSH, and up-to-date discussions on themes in safety leadership, from trainers and delegates.

The App can also be used for online access to a pre-course diagnostic questionnaire which helps delegates to understand what stage they are at, and to record actions for improvement that the course assists leaders to identify.


Please contact Neil Molyneux for an informal discussion about your particular needs.